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Welcome to fannesite.com, an eclectic collection of fan dedications. Within these sites, you'll find a mix of original content such as favorite scenes and "lessons learned," as well as quotes, episode information, and much more. Select one of the topics at the left, or read on for a brief description of what the sites have to offer.

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also known as "fannesites"

Quotations 101
main topic: (various TV shows, movies, celebrities and singers)
open since: July, 2001
features: Quotes, great moments, and what we can learn from various TV shows, movies, celebrities, songs, etc.
trivia: This was the original fannesite.com.

main topic: Alias
open since: February, 2002
features: Detailed show information, an episode guide with reviews, quotes, great moments, fanfiction, fan art, pictures, trivia, games, and what we can learn from Alias.
trivia: Originally a part of www.fannesite.com, it grew and is now one of my largest and most-visited sites.

Live and Learn
main topic: MacGyver
open since: October, 2002
features: Detailed episode descriptions, quotes, lessons learned, a photo gallery, character information, trivia, top tens, and great MacGyver moments.
trivia: Is also the approved fanlisting for MacGyver (the series).

[ Q.A.f. ]
Questions About "fannesite"

[ What does fannesite mean? ]
Short answer: it's a combination of Anne's, fan, and site.

[ Whatever made you think of that? (Or, "What's the long answer?") ]
1.) My name is Anne and I started a fan site for some of my favorite TV shows, movies, etc. "Anne's fan site" somehow became "fannesite" and on September 7, 2001, I purchased a (cheap) domain that forwarded to my free Angelfire website.
2.) Later, after much hassle and additional cost, the domain was changed to forward to one of my non-free, non-Angelfire sites.
3.) The domain expired in September of 2002, and, being less-than-pleased with the whole ordeal, I decided to let it go.
4.) In early 2003, I began to fret that someone would get the domain and forward it somewhere unseemly. I considered getting the domain back.
5.) On June 3, 2003, I found a deal I couldn't resist and re-purchased the domain. Since the former "fannesite" had become known by another name, this one became a collective for my fan sites.

[ More Info ]
(in)frequently asked questions

[ Do you have any other sites? ]
For the complete list of sites I run, visit www.rusted-crush.com.

[ How did you come up with this layout? ]
The layout credits are here.

[ How can I contact you? ]
Share your comments on TV, movies, etc. at the forums, which I visit at least once every few days, as real life permits. Or, send me an email at the address - see the second question - on this page. Please, no spam. Thank you!

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